Your One-Stop-Shop Distributor for Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services


Our wide ranging list of services alleviates headaches beyond the production of cannabis itself and allows cultivators to focus on their craft.

Brands & Distributors

Our bulk wholesale menu makes it simple to source high quality cannabis at a great value, maintaining steady flow in the supply chain.


Keep your shelves stocked and your menu diverse with our partnered brands offering a wide range of cannabis products. Or explore our custom labeling guide to launch your own brand!

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Why Us?

Centrally Located

Coastal Business Distribution is located conveniently halfway between SoCal and the Bay Area, allowing us to connect networks of growers, manufacturers and dispensaries from around the state.


Coastal Business Distribution assures safety, security, and punctuality when it comes to storage, transport, or handling of all our partners' cannabis products. 

Customer Service

Our staff is always available for questions, comments, or concerns by email or phone and will go the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction